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As a certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition I am able to provide meal plans to individuals that do not suffer from diagnosed medical condition. I have had clients drop anywhere from 5lbs to 15lbs on my custom meal plans. Pounds lost varies person to person.


In regards to the 2 week meal plan. It consist of 5 meals a day. Each meal is broken down into what to eat, how much to eat and the order in which each meal needs to be eaten. 


2 week meal plans are $80 and include access to a certified specialist in nutrition online at Monday through Thursday from 4:00 am until 7:00 pm. Friday from 4:00 am until :00 noon.


A 4 week program is also available for $130. This includes 2 customized meal plans, phase 1 and phase 2, weekly check-ins with your coach and access to a certified specialist in nutrition  Monday through Thursday from 4:00 am until 7:00 pm. Friday from 4:00 am until Noon.


*Meal plans are non-refundable.* 


I’ll need the following information from you:


- current weight:

- any food allergies:

- medical issues:

- any fitness activity currently:

- how many hours do you sleep:

- what time do you plan on working out:

- foods you do not eat from the list provided:
- supplements you are taking (including prescribed medicine):
- any information you feel is important for me to know while writing your plan?


Lastly I’ll need you to send me pictures of you in either a sports bra and fitted pants or shorts. I need a photo from the back, side with your arms up and also back. These are very important for monitoring your progress. Many times we feel as if there isn’t a change in our bodies but once a side by side picture is compared we are able to see how well we are actually doing!


Workout programs are available for $65.  Programs are customized to help meet each individual’s goals. Programs include 4 days worth of workouts. Each day is broken down into what to workout, name of workout, how many reps, how many sets as well as how long each resting period should be between each set.


I’ll need the following information from you:


- are you working out from home or gym?
- if home, what equipment do you plan to use?

- current weight:

- personal goal:

- how long you do you have to workout? i.e. 20 mins? 45 mins?
- any limitations that may effect your workout?
- any medical issues that may effect your workout?

- do you have access to cardio? i.e treadmill, street, park


Bootcamp classes are $110 a month. Here's class times:
5:00 am - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

7:00 am - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

4:30 pm - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Enjoy group training with individuals at various fitness levels from beginner to advance. Workouts can be modified to suit your fitness level. Submerge yourself in an environment of positive energy, mental and physical strength, as well as a few laughs throughout the session. This monthly fee of $110 gives you access to all classes. Train as many times a day as you wish.


Personal Training - $25 a session, sessions are booked out through the month. Payment is due the first day of each month.
For those looking to meet a more customize goal in privacy, this is for you! Workouts are customized to your needs, fitness level and goals. Feel comfortable working out with your personal trainer for 45 minutes without individuals coming and going. This is a VIP opportunity where all the focus is on you and your personal achievements.

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