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The Empire team is made up of hardworking, motivated and disciplined individuals. We are all very proud of everyone's progress and want to take this time to share recent transformation stories with you.


What can't I say about Empire and it's owner, Brittany Wiltz? Brittany took me in as an obese dude looking to lose weight and get into better shape. With her training and advice numbers never fail to fall of the scale and I feel good and healthy. I didn't have to use my sleep apnea machine any more and my snoring went way down. As long as I was willing to put in the effort in and out of the gym results would happen. Brittany is fam!



A couple years ago I began training with Brittany @ Empire Fitness. I have digestive issues and decided I could handle the diet aspect of my new adventure. I also had a relationship with food that I wasn’t ready to give up. After my weight fluctuating within a 15lbs range in the wrong direction, I decided it was time to turn to my trainer for help with food. On 6/26/19, I began Brittany’s custom meal plans. I am very restricted on what I can eat and she is able to accommodate what I need.  Since June, I have lost 24 lbs, several inches, & went down 4% body fat. I continue to train with her 4 days a week. A huge THANKS to Brittany for helping me achieve my goals and making me a success story!



The person to the left was very sad and lost herself in her life. But deep down I was dying inside. I was coping with it with food a lot of food. Until one day it wasn’t helping anymore. I known I had to get out of this depression because it was slowly killing me. So that night I cried to god to help me because I couldn’t do this alone anymore. That next day I got on Facebook looking to see if I can find help and that when I found Brittany Wiltz.  No it wasn’t easy from there. It was hard very hard. I was embarrassed of what I have done to my body and life. Brittany was hard on me and even made me which we laugh about now. But that what I needed at that moment. Someone to light that fire back inside of me. With her help and my support circle I was able to get where am at now. The girls that go to the gym are all like sisters / friends. They are always there to cheer you on and be proud of you. I am forever grateful for them.



Living with Crohn’s Disease, and the medication needed to manage it, has made my fitness journey somewhat of an uphill battle.  Since training and following custom meal plans with Brittany Wiltz at Empire Fitness, I’ve lost - weight, inches and body fat.  Most importantly I’ve gained - muscle mass, confidence and internal health!  Brittany’s accountability, commitment to my success and most of all patience is the recipe for results I’ve achieved thus far!


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